Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lazy-ish Day, Mercato Nuovo and the Plant Market

We started the day again with the breakfast buffet at La Scaletta; though we love the staff here, we are beginning to think that having an apartment next time would be lovely. For one thing, we wouldn't have to share our breakfast time with others. So many clearly cannot read the signs about carrying one's tray back down off the terrace (to keep the pigeons under control, because they are quite brazen about helping themselves to leftovers.) Many also seem to want to force America down the throats of everyone they meet—there are many who keep insisting that things be done exactly as if they were at home.

After breakfast, we headed out to wander through Oltrarno, looking in at workshops and shop windows. After yesterday's organized tour, we wanted a less structured day and time in the becoming-familiar environs of Firenze. We discovered a plant and flower market near the Art Viva offices, along Via Pellicceria, in front of the main post office, I think. Row after row of lovely plants and flowers; I wanted again to have my own apartment with its own terrace that we could fill with the lovelies we were seeing.
The flower and plant market, photo by Shawn

The flower and plant market, mark II, photo by Shawn

After a bit, we went to Mercato Nuovo, where Shawn bought another gift.

Mercato Nuovo, from

The boar at Mercato Nuovo, photo by Shawn
Then we went to the leather shop associated with a stall at the market that we especially liked. Many of the vendors in Mercato Nuovo also have separate stores, and if you show interest in the more limited selection at the market, will direct you to the main business. Florence is wonderful in that it is a city of nearly half a million people, but it operates in many ways like a small town. Everyone seems to know everyone, and everyone will helpfully suggest where you should eat or shop.

Again, we wandered some more, and then came back to the hotel for a quiet afternoon of reading and relaxing, after the hectic day yesterday. We finished our Vernacchia from Tenute Niccolai, as well as the wonderful cheese, grapes, strawberries and cookies that we purchased at the "supermarket" the other day and enjoyed the view from our wonderful room.
A mystery tower to our left, photo by Shawn

Fort Belvedere and the Tea House, photo by Shawn, in the late day light from #21 at La Scaletta

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